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Kramer Elected Westlock Mayor; While Truckey Takes Old Council Seat

Town of Westlock Welcome Sign (Photo: Town of Westlock Facebook Page)

In a political face-off that captivated Westlock, Alberta, tonight, the stage was set for a mayoral showdown featuring two formidable candidates, both of whom were former councillors.

But Jonathan "Jon" Kramer came out on top securing a win over his only challenger former three term councillor Robin Brett.

The electoral drama unfolded following the unexpected resignation of Mayor Ralph Leriger, who stepped down midway through his term. Leriger, who first assumed the mayoral role in 2013, had previously defeated Robin Brett when he ran for the position. Expressing his anticipation and gratitude on Facebook, Kramer declared, "As your Mayor-elect, I am honored and humbled and can’t wait to see where we can take Westlock!"

Kramer was first elected to town council in 2021.

In the final tally reported by news outlets, Kramer emerged victorious, securing 819 votes to Brett's 452. This electoral outcome not only marks a significant triumph for Kramer but also signals a new chapter in Westlock's political landscape, setting the stage for potential changes under his leadership.

Name of Candidate

Jonathan Kramer



Robin Brett


Former Councillor Elected Councillor Westlock witnessed a dual electoral shakeup as residents not only cast their votes for a new mayor but also selected a replacement for the vacated council seat left by Kramer, who stepped down to pursue the mayoral position.

Former Councillor David Truckey, who opted not to seek re-election in 2021, has made a triumphant return to the council after securing victory in a tightly contested race. Having initially been elected in 2004, Truckey faced stiff competition in his bid for a council seat once again.

The field of contenders included Derrill Rayner, Laurie Hidge, Benita Pederssen, and Alair Wilbert Plett. However, it was Truckey who emerged victorious, defeating the four other candidates in a decisive fashion.

Truckey's commanding performance saw him secure an impressive 615 votes, leaving his closest rival, Benita Pedersen, trailing with a distant 255 votes. Laurie Hidge garnered 244 votes, while Derrill Rayner and Alair Wilbert Plett received 73 and 54 votes, respectively.

Name of Candidate



David Truckey



Derrill Rayner


Laurie Hidge


Benita Pedersen


Alair Wilbert Plett


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