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Westlock Votes Yes

Welcome to Municipal Affairs, I'm your host Christopher Brown.

In today's episode, we're following up on a story from earlier this month regarding the Town of Westlock Flagpole and Crosswalk Bylaw.

In a closely contested vote Thursday Night, residents of the Town of Westlock opted to pass the proposed Crosswalk and Flagpole Bylaw.

With a narrow margin of 663 votes in favour to 639 against, the decision mandates the removal of the pride crosswalk painted earlier in June and ceases the practice of flying the pride flag - and all other non-municipal, federal and provincial flags on the Town's own Properties.

The plebiscite, held on February 22, emerged from a resident-led petition presented to the Town Council in October 2023. Under the provincial Municipal Government Act, Westlock Council was obliged to either adopt the Crosswalk and Flagpole Bylaw or refer it to a binding community vote.

We caught up with Westlock Mayor Jon Kramer - who was against the adoption of the proposed bylaw - the morning after the vote to discuss the vote, and the path forward.

This is Municipal Affairs.

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