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World's Mayor Contest Down to 25 Candidates: Including One Canadian Mayor

Dover NFLD Mayor Tony Keats, (Photo from Municipal Assessment Agency Inc. Website)

The World's Mayor Contest, hosted by the City Mayors Foundation, has recently unveiled its shortlist of 25 mayors from across the world who are vying for the prestigious title of the 2023 World Mayor.

Among the finalists is only one Canadian, Mayor Tony Keats of Dover, Newfoundland and Labrador, representing the small community with less than 1,000 residents. Keats' remarkable achievements and contributions have earned him a spot on this prestigious list of outstanding city leaders.

Mayor Tony Keats, who has been serving as the Mayor of Dover since 1996, has been recognized for his exceptional dedication to building connections and fostering relationships with other communities and cities. He stands out as the only mayor on the shortlist representing a community of such a modest size. Despite the challenges that come with leading a smaller community, Keats has proven himself to be an influential and capable leader.

Keats' nomination for the World Mayor title includes heartwarming submissions from Dover residents, attesting to his commitment to forming partnerships through positive interactions and active listening. His role on the national municipal board of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities further underlines his dedication to serving not just his own community but also the entire nation.

The World Mayor Friendship Prize, awarded by the City Mayors Foundation, aims to recognize mayors and cities that have made significant contributions to fostering friendship, partnership, and cooperation between towns and cities, both domestically and internationally. It seeks to honour those who have demonstrated integrity, courage, and imagination in their service to fellow citizens.

The City Mayors Foundation has been organizing the World Mayor Prize and Awards since 2004, highlighting the exemplary leadership and achievements of mayors worldwide. Since its inception only one other Canadian Mayor has won the prize, former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi in 2010.

Mayor Tony Keats finds himself in the company of illustrious peers on the shortlist, such as Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, Tremblay-en-France Mayor François Asensi, and Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, each of whom has their own remarkable accomplishments and contributions to their respective cities and beyond.

To support Mayor Keats in his journey to be crowned the 2023 World Mayor, you must send a email of support via to, providing at minimum your name and the town or county you currently reside in.

The 2023 World Mayor will be decided through a comprehensive evaluation process conducted by the City Mayors Foundation, taking into account the candidates' achievements, leadership qualities, and contributions to their cities and global communities.

The list of ten finalists will be published at the end of October 2023, with the crown to be bestowed in late 2023.


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