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Yahoo! Calgary Forest Lawn MP Stampede Breakfast draws the crowd

Calgary Forest Lawn MP Jasraj Singh Hallan with Conservative Leader Candice Bergen
Calgary Forest Lawn MP Jasraj Singh Hallan with Conservative Leader Candice Bergen

'The Greatest Outdoor Show In The World' got some political star power in North East Calgary on Saturday as Calgary Forest Lawn Member of Parliament Jasraj Singh Hallan hosted his annual Stampede Breakfast at Marlborough Mall.

With a rough estimate of over 4000 attendees, the parking lot of the Marlborough Mall became a sea of blue, cowboy hats, and country music.

Conservative MP's from across Canada attended to help flip pancakes for those in attendance.

The guest of honour was Conservative leader Candice Bergen who joked about the long line up at the event, "I'm assuming you've already heard the joke, We all drove up and saw the lineup and thought it was a line up for a passport service (office)."

Bergen said that the message of the day was 'care', " We have some great pancakes from people who care about you, and love you."

The Conservative leader said that the party values all Canadians, even those who didn't vote for them in the last election, "We value you Albertans, and not just because many of you voted for (the Conservative Party). We also value those who don't vote for us.

"(And that is) because we believe that the more we talk to you, tell you about what we believe and what our values are, and what we want to do for the country, then we believe we can earn your vote," Bergen added.

She added that is representative of what has been seen recently with the number of memberships that have been sold in the upcoming September leadership election.

"Want to know how I know that is happening... because there are over 675,000 (Canadians) who have bought a membership to join the Conservative Party of Canada," the leader stated.

She added that Canadians are seeing hope in the candidates running for the leadership of the party.

Leadership Candidates in Attendance

Showing off their pancake flipping skills, Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidates Pierre Poilievre, Jean Charest, Roman Baber and Scott Aitchison were in attendance and were given the opportunity to pitch their message to those in attendance.

Conservative Leadership Candidate Roman Baber

Former Member of Provincial Parliament Roman Baber spoke first at the event, "I'm so happy with the unity that we are seeing and the graciousness we are seeing from the Conservative Party of Canada caucus.

"No matter how this race shakes out, I think this a tremendous race because it is a race about ideas," Baber added. "Canadians are looking at (the conservatives) to do better. They are looking at us to offer some substance and that is what we are doing."

The former PC MPP turned independent MPP said that all candidates are talking about equalization, and the need to defend Canada's democracy.

Conservative Leadership Candidate Jean Charest

Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest said that the main issue in this Conservative race is electing a leader that will be the next Prime Minister of Canada, "and with that one of the big issues is whether we are going to put Alberta at the table.

"One of the reasons I'm running in (the Conservative) leadership race is how deeply I feel about the future of our country," Charest added. "(We need) leadership that will put the Alberta agenda in the front and not keep it frustrated."

The one time federal cabinet minister went on to add, "I'm proposing an Alberta accord to do that." He stated in order to do that when elected leader he will work with Albertans.

Conservative Leadership Candidate Pierre Poilievre

Back in his Hometown, now Ontario based MP Pierre Poilievre said that it was great to be back in Calgary. Standing beside his wife, Poilievre said, "It warms the hearts of both Ana and I to be back in my hometown of Calgary where I grew up."

Poilievre said that his upbringing and life in Calgary made him who he is today, "All those year I inherited the values of hard work, self reliance, independence and freedom." the Carleton MP added, "Right now people feel like those freedoms are under attack from the big bossy government who has taken our money and told us what to do."

He added that people are feeling powerless under this current Liberal government, "(People feel) like they have lost control of their lives." The Ontairo MP went on to pitch his signature tagline, "We will put you back in charge of your life, and make this the freest country on earth."

Scott Aitchison was at the event earlier, but by the time speeches were given had left for another event. Dr. Leslyn Lewis was not in attendance.



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