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Young Takes Bruderheim Election by 2 Votes

In a close electoral showdown, Arlie Young emerged victorious in the by-election for the esteemed position of Town Councillor for the Town of Bruderheim.

Young secured the mandate by a razor-thin margin, outpacing the competition, Ryan Skleryk-MacIver, by a mere two votes. The final tally stood at 60 votes for Young, while Skleryk-MacIver trailed closely behind with 58 votes, leaving the constituents.

One resident on social media took to say that the vote was close and that they were, "disappointed in how little numbers went out to vote."

According to the province, there are 1,329 residents of the community.

The special election was called following the unexpected departure of the well-respected Judy Schueler, a three-term councillor whose dedicated service to the town has left an indelible mark on the community. Schueler's resignation earlier this summer set the stage for fierce competition between the two candidates.

Bruderheim is located approximately 60 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.


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