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Yukon Premier Calls It Quits: Retiring At End Of Term

Photo Sandy Silver Facebook

Three years before the next territorial election, Yukon Premier Sandy Silver is calling it quits announcing earlier this week that he would be stepping down as Leader of the Yukon Liberals and Premier.

According to a press release on the Yukon Liberal website, "(Premier), Sandy will continue to represent the Klondike for the remainder of his term, and he will continue to serve as the Yukon’s Premier until a new leader is chosen by the Yukon Liberal Party.

Describing the job of Premier, Silver stated that it was, ""the best job of my life."

Silver brought the Yukon Liberals back to Power in 2016, after being turfed from office in 2002 by then Yukon Party Leader Dennis Fentie.

In 2016, Silver and the Yukon Liberals won 11 seats while going into the election with only 1 seat in the territorial legislature.

During the 2021 Territorial Election, the Yukon Liberals were reduced to 8 seats with losses coming at the hand of the resurgent Yukon Party under Currie Dixon who also won 8 seats.

Silver entered into an agreement with Yukon NDP leader Kate White who won 3 seats in the legislature.


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