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Zajac wins Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan Leadership

The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan has their first permanent leader.

Phil Zajac has won the leadership contest, defeating his only challenger Clint Arnason, becoming the first permanent leader of the party.

Zajac who gave his first speech as the leader from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, where the results were announced, said that during the leadership race he saw that the party was gaining traction with voters in all regions of the province, " When you start to look at what is happening in Saskatchewan right now and in Canada as a whole there is a huge need for the Buffalo Party.

"(Saskatchewan) knows that the only way for us to get better is for the people of Saskatchewan and us to move forward," He added.

Originally formed as the Wexit Party of Saskatchewan, the party rebranded before the 2020 provincial election in the province as the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan.

"The disrespect that the East shows to Saskatchewan and the people in our province, We're hardworking communities," Zajac stated. "We have everything that we need to succeed here in Saskatchewan and we are going to take control of that."

Zajac admits that the only way that the word is going to spread about the party is for people to go out and talk to their neighbours, their family members, and their community members, "That how we are going to spread word about the future we have for Saskatchewan."

In the 2020 Saskatchewan Provincial election, the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan (under leader Wade Sira) ran 17 candidates in 61 ridings and placed third over all with 2.54% of the total votes cast.

Wade Sira was removed as leader of the party in 2021, which set up the leadership race which Zajac won.


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