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3 New Recall Petitions filed: Onoway Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Councillor face Recall

Town of Onoway council members are the next municipal politicians to face recall petitions.

Onoway Mayor Len Kwasny, Deputy Mayor Lisa Johnson, and Councillor Robin Murray find themselves under scrutiny, with allegations ranging from breached oaths of office to clandestine decision-making processes that have left the community divided.

The tremors of discontent have been palpable in recent years, with residents expressing a growing lack of trust in their elected officials. Jonathan Jeffery and Jack Longstaff of Onoway have spearheaded the petition movement, citing a myriad of grievances that have fueled their call for change.

The crux of the matter lies in what they perceive as a betrayal of public trust by the trio of officials. Allegations point to repeated breaches of their oath of office, amounting to a staggering tally of 11 transgressions over the past two years.

One particular bone of contention revolves around the management of town resources, with accusations of misappropriation and fiscal irresponsibility. Jeffery and Longstaff highlight the exodus of tenants from the town office, leading to a reduction in town income. Despite this, the officials purportedly proceeded with costly renovations aimed at accommodating an increase in staff, a move questioned given the stagnant population figures.

Furthermore, the petitioners claim that Mayor Kwasny, Deputy Mayor Johnson, and others have engaged in clandestine decision-making, holding secret meetings on matters of critical importance without council knowledge or approval. Of particular concern is the alleged unilateral decision to terminate the town's fire department, a move that has drawn ire from residents and neighbouring municipalities alike.

As the recall petition enters its critical phase, the onus now falls on the residents of Onoway to decide the fate of their elected representatives. With a minimum requirement of 412 signatures from a population of 1029 to be successful in the recall petition.


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