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Alberta Liberals to elect new leader September 25th

The Alberta Liberals have announced that the race for the next leader has begun.

In an email, to supporters, Party President Helen Mcmenamin stated, "Nominations opened today at noon. Future leaders from across Alberta can now apply to become official Leadership Candidates.

"The leadership race will take place over four months," she added.

The timeline for the race will allow candidates to announce their intentions and submit documents by Friday, August 12th, and membership sales will be cut off on September 12th.

Voting for the leader, if more than one candidate announces, will take place between September 19th, and September 24th, with the results being announced on the 25th.

One leadership candidate, Valerie Keefe, has reached out to the Cross Border Interview with Chris Brown to appear on the show. We are currently in discussion with the individual to appear on the show.

The Alberta Liberals have been without an elected leader since David Khan resigned after the 2019 provincial election.

The interim leader of the party is currently John Roggeveen.


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