Alberta NDP candidate asked former candidate to set up WIPA EDA

Nate Pike the host of the internet based political commentary show "The Breakdown with Nate Pike" has released a stern warning for the Alberta NDP heading into the next general election, "quickest ways (the Alberta NDP) will lose (the 2023 election) is by nominating candidates beneath their party and beneath the communities they are working to represent."

In a thread of tweets Monday morning, Pike accused the soon to be nominated Alberta NDP candidate for Calgary North East Gurinder Brar of asking the host, or if he knew of someone else who would could set up a Wildrose Independence Party (WIP) Electoral District Association (EDA) in Calgary North East to give the Alberta NDP a better shot at winning the riding in the next election.

"In November of 2020, I was approached by the nephew of a candidate that I ran against and asked for a conversation," Pike stated. "He requested that I locate someone who might be willing to set up a WIPA constituency to split the conservative vote against (United Conservative Cacus) member (Rajan Sawhney) and help ensure his own victory."