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Alberta NDP name Hoffman and Kasawski to Municipal Affairs Critics

Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley unveiled her party's shadow cabinet Tuesday Afternoon.

Sarah Hoffman, the former Deputy Premier and MLA for Edmonton-Glenora, was named as the Minister of Municipal Affairs responsible for Edmonton and Calgary. While Kyle Kasawski, the newly elected MLA for Sherwood Park, has been named as the Minister of Municipal Affairs responsible for mid-sized cities and rural Alberta.

Hoffman was the former Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, and prior to the last election was the critic for Education.

Kasawski's selection highlights the Alberta NDP's efforts to expand its reach beyond traditional urban strongholds and appeal to a wider range of constituents.

He was one of the few MLAs in the Alberta NDP Caucus who represents ridings not in the City of Edmonton or the City of Calgary.

As a newcomer to the political arena, Kasawski brings a fresh perspective to the role, coupled with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by mid-sized cities and rural communities.

Hoffman and Kasawski will face off against the Hon. Ric McIver, who was appointed as the Minister of Municipal Affairs under Premier Danielle Smith.

Prior to the election, Joe Ceci, the former Minister of Finance in the Alberta NDP Government from 2015-2019, served as the Alberta NDP's Municipal Affairs Critic.


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