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Alberta NDP responds to ABMunis "Think Alberta, Vote Local Campaign"

Photo from Rachel Notley Twitter Account

During the first week of the provincial campaign, Alberta Municipalities launched their "Think Alberta, Vote Local" campaign, emphasizing the significance of local governance and addressing crucial community issues. The organization identified three key areas of importance: infrastructure, community safety, and healthcare and EMS.

Alberta Municipalities encouraged all Albertans to ask their local candidate's about their platforms and determine which one best serves their communities. Over a span of three weeks, the organization conducted weekly press conferences to address the issues they wanted the parties and candidates to focus on. In response, the Alberta New Democratic Party (NDP) recently issued an open letter to the organization.

In the letter, the NDP outlined its priorities, pledging to restore funding, invest in community safety, support local businesses, and revitalize healthcare services if successful in the upcoming election on Monday, May 29th. Specifically, the Alberta NDP aims to restore the $32 million in municipal funding for policing that was cut by the United Conservative Party (UCP) government in 2019.

As part of their strategy, the party plans to hire 150 police officers and pair them with 150 social workers and mental health professionals, forming integrated teams to address crime, particularly in transit and downtown areas. The Alberta NDP believes this approach will tackle the root causes of crime by providing housing and addiction support.

The Alberta NDP is also pledging to restore the $32 million in municipal funding for policing that was cut by the United Conservative Party (UCP) government in 2019.

Additionally, the party intends to stimulate community investment by reducing the small business tax rate to 0%, benefiting over 100,000 small businesses, including retail establishments, restaurants, mechanic shops, and family farms. This move has the potential to save these businesses up to $10,000 annually. Moreover, the Alberta NDP aims to introduce legislation that ties municipal funding to provincial revenue growth, ensuring a more sustainable financial framework for local governments.

Their commitment to community investment is further demonstrated by their plan to increase provincial funding for Family and Community Support Services by 50%.

Addressing the healthcare system, the Alberta NDP is promising to implement the largest healthcare retention and recruitment strategy in Alberta's history, with a particular focus on prioritizing EMS workers.

They aim to improve emergency response times by reducing demand through increased home care services and preventative care provided by Family Health Teams, even during evenings and weekends. Additionally, the NDP plans to invest in the well-being of healthcare workers, allowing paramedics to work closer to home and fostering a sustainable and supportive healthcare environment.

The "Think Alberta, Vote Local" campaign serves as a reminder to residents about the influence of local governance on their daily lives. With the comprehensive plan presented by the Alberta NDP to address the concerns raised by municipalities, voters have the opportunity to support candidates who prioritize community needs and are committed to collaborating with local leaders to build a prosperous future for Alberta.

As election day approaches, Albertans have the chance to evaluate the platforms of all parties, taking into account the priorities outlined by Alberta Municipalities and the responses provided by the Alberta NDP. The outcome of the election will determine the direction of the province, shaping the future of community safety, investment, and healthcare services for years to come.

Alberta Municipalities have also stated that the United Conservatives will be addressing the "Think Alberta, Vote Local" campaign in an open letter soon.

This Saturday, the Cross Border Interviews will be sitting down and presenting an in-depth look at each of the top five parties campaign platforms and how it relates to municipalities. Look for that special episode on our youtube Channel.


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