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Albertans encouraged to get Flu Shot

The Alberta Government is asking Albertans to book their free influenza immunization appointments starting today.

Albertans can visit to book free-of-charge flu vaccinations, with appointments starting as early as Monday, October 18th.

Alberta Health Minister Jason Cooping in a press release stated, “Getting immunized has never been more important as Alberta hospitals are at capacity, strained to provide care for very sick people, including those with COVID-19. We must do all that we can to protect ourselves, our families and our neighbours from COVID-19 as well as the flu.

"Getting immunized will help stop the spread of influenza, reduce flu-related visits to the emergency ward and help our health system provide care to those in need," he added.

According to the Alberta government last years influenza season there was a record 37 per cent of Albertans who were immunized compared to the previous year.

Chief medical officer of health for Alberta Dr. Deena Hinshaw stated that the province in hoping to do better than last years numbers when it comes to immunization.

“Let’s do even better than last year when we came forward in record numbers to get our flu vaccine, washed our hands regularly, covered our sneezes and stayed home when we were sick," Hinshaw stated in a press release.

If appointments are not available online in your local area, Albertans can phone their local pharmacy or doctor’s office to learn when influenza vaccinations will be available. Albertans can also contact Health Link at 811 to book appointments and participating pharmacies will be welcoming drop-ins.


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