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All I Want From The Party Leaders Is....

Welcome to 'Municipal Affairs”, I'm your host, Chris Brown.

Today, we delve into the pulse of Saskatchewan's municipal landscape as we explore what mayors across the province are seeking from provincial leaders in the upcoming Saskatchewan provincial election, slated for October of this year.

The recently concluded SUMA Convention held in Regina, Saskatchewan, served as a pivotal platform where municipal leaders congregated to advocate for their respective communities and engage with provincial party leaders.

Premier Scott Moe and NDP Leader Carla Beck delivered keynote addresses, outlining their visions for municipal-provincial partnerships.

Premier Moe articulated his vision for strengthening collaboration between municipalities and the provincial government, emphasizing the importance of robust partnerships in addressing key issues facing communities across Saskatchewan.

Meanwhile, Carla Beck elucidated the Saskatchewan NDP's approach to working hand in hand with municipal leaders, offering insights into how the party aims to foster effective cooperation and address the needs of local communities.

During the three-day conference, Municipal Affairs had the privilege of sitting down with mayors from diverse regions of the province. We posed a simple yet overarching question to each of them: What are you looking for from the party leaders in the upcoming provincial election?

Their responses were as varied as the communities they represent, reflecting the diverse array of challenges and priorities across Saskatchewan.

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This episode of Municipal Affairs was recorded at the 2024 SUMA Spring Convention in Regina, Saskatchewan from April 14th, to April 16th



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