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Bill 20: The Amendments

Welcome to Municipal Affairs.

Today, we're diving into the significant legislative changes shaking up local governance in Alberta.

On Thursday, May 23rd, Minister of Municipal Affairs Ric McIver tabled long-awaited amendments to Bill 20, a piece of legislation poised to overhaul local elections, alter the elections act concerning political parties at the municipal level, and modify the Municipal Government Act to grant the provincial cabinet the power to remove or amend municipal bylaws.

In an address to the Legislature, Minister McIver highlighted the feedback received from key municipal stakeholders, including the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, Alberta Municipalities, and the Mid-sized Cities Mayors’ Caucus.

His speech underscored the necessity for greater clarity around the bill’s provisions, particularly concerning the expedited process for dismissing councillors and the cabinet's authority to mandate changes to municipal bylaws.

We spoke with Minister of Municipal Affairs the Hon. Ric McIver, Alberta Municipalities Director Andrew Knack, and RMA President Paul McLauchlin about these amendments and the path forward.

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Bill 20: Strengthening local elections and councils



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