CPC to elect new leader in September

Candidates for the upcoming Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Leadership Race will have the summer to fully introduce themselves to Canadians after the party announced a new leader would be elected on September 10th.

With some members of the CPC calling for a shorter time frame to give the new leader the chance to introduce themselves to Canadians, the new longer race will give candidates time to establish themselves before the vote on September 10th.

Candidates wanting to get into the race will have just over a month to announce with candidate cut off being April 19th.

Candidates will also need to pay a $200,000, on top of a $100,000 deposit, entrance fee. This price tag is similar to the 2020 leadership race which Erin O'Toole won.

Candidates will have until June 3rd to sign up new members from across Canada. Ballots will be mailed out to all candidates in July/August.