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Economic Forecast for 2024

Welcome to 'Municipal Affairs with Chris Brown.' I'm your host, Chris Brown.

Joining me today is an esteemed guest, the CEO of Economic Development Lethbridge, Trevor Lewington.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of municipalities, our focus today is on the year ahead, where municipalities across Canada anticipate a myriad of economic challenges.

Trevor, with his extensive expertise, will be our guide through this intricate terrain.

Over the next half hour, we'll dissect the economic forecast for 2024, analyzing the potential hurdles that municipalities might encounter. From external factors impacting local economies to internal strategies that can be employed, our discussion aims to provide insights that are not only informative but actionable.

The fiscal backdrop facing local municipalities is a critical aspect we'll delve into, exploring the challenges they face and, importantly, how they can proactively overcome them. With the looming spectre of higher-than-average interest rates, we'll explore how municipalities can navigate these financial waters and remain resilient in the face of economic uncertainties.

Municipal tax competitiveness is another facet we won't overlook, probing into the impact of continued tax hikes and unveiling strategies for fostering growth without burdening local communities.

Our dialogue will extend to the crucial topic of the labour force, shedding light on expectations for 2024 and the pivotal roles that federal and provincial governments will play in ensuring the survival and growth of municipalities.

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