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Empowering Alberta Municipalities

Welcome to Municipal Affairs, I’m Your Host Christopher Brown.

In the face of soaring inflation and rising energy costs, municipalities in Alberta have been searching for innovative ways to enhance energy efficiency and trim costs. The challenge lies in implementing these upgrades, often not happening due to financial constrainst.

In a recent press conference, the province of Alberta unveiled a groundbreaking initiative that aims to empower both rural and urban communities.

The Province announced through the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) program, a substantial $18 million investment will aim to make positive changes in municipalities across Alberta.

Municipalities can now leverage this financial support to hire staff, replace windows, upgrade lights, and implement practical improvements in arenas, community centres, and various other buildings.

The organization behind this initiative is the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC), which is currently celebrating 15 years of working with municipalities across Alberta to bring positive change to municipalities. The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre will expand its suite of programs to help Alberta municipalities not just save energy, but also lower costs and reduce emissions.

Joining us in this discussion is Municipal Climate Change Action Centre Executive Director Trina Innes. Trina will help delve into the details of the $ 18-million program, and explore how these funds will shape the future of energy efficiency in both rural and urban landscapes.

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