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Episode 304 - Kim Rudd

We are back after a winter hiatus! And in our first episode of 2022, we welcome Kim Rudd the Former MP for Northumberland-Peterborough South.

Rudd has been a lifelong entrepreneur and an advocate on the federal and provincial levels for small businesses, child care, and post-secondary education. In 2011, she was named RBC’s Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, and served as Vice-Chair of the Ontario TCAF Secretariat.

Additionally, Rudd was Founding Executive Director of the Association of Private Colleges and Vice-President of the Ontario Association of Career Colleges. Rudd has also been a lifelong volunteer in organizations ranging from the United Way to Kinark Child and Family Services, heading the Regional Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee and serving as President of the Northumberland Central Chamber of Commerce.

Rudd was elected as Member of Parliament for Northumberland—Peterborough South in 2015, and served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources from 2015-2018.

She was defeated in the 2019 election.


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