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Episode Twelve: "No Christmas Spirit In This Episode!"

One is a critically acclaimed Theatre Director from New York, and the Other is a wannabe singer and songwriter who was born in a small town who started his career with Chris Brown Entertainment.

Now if you were thinking EGOT Winner Mike Nichols, and R&B Singer Chris Brown.

Well... No, Not Them...

Michael Nichols is a critically acclaimed theatre Director from upstate New York and Chris Brown is the Host of the online show “Cross Border Interviews”, and wants to thank our listener from Australia who found the show and message us last month with the kind comments, “You can’t pretend your Mike Nichols and Chris Brown. They can sue you for defamation and slander.”

To which I kindly replied. “Well one is dead, and the other can’t come into Canada with his criminal past. So let them try.”

Either Way, Together Michael Nichols and Chris Brown talk about the entertainment industry, as two people who aren't the people you thinking of only can.

This is... No, Not Them.....


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