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"Fairly Underwhelming," UMNB on the Provincial Budget

Welcome to Municipal Affairs, I am Your Host Christopher Brown.

On March 19th 2024, Premier Blaine Higgs and the Governing Progressive Conservative Party tabled New Brunswicks’s 2024-2025 Provincial Budget.

Now according to the province - this budget, “is the result of years of responsible fiscal management and a commitment to providing services that support a growing population.”

The Finance and Treasury Board Minister, Ernie L. Steeves, tabled a $1.2-billion capital budget, an increase of nearly $200 million over the multi-year plan tabled last year.

We caught up with Andrew Black, the President of the Union of the Municipalities of New Brunswick, for his reaction to the provincial budget.

As a prominent advocate for municipal interests, President Black's perspective promises to shed light on the implications of this provincial budget, leading up to the next Provincial Election scheduled for October.

This is Municipal Affairs.



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