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First sitting CPC MP calls for O'Toole Review

The first cracks in Erin O'Tooles leadership came today with Calgary Heritage MP Bob Benzen releasing a statement via social media calling for a review of the leader.

Benzen said in a statement that he was calling for a caucus review of Erin O'Toole's leadership, "I believe leaders should be judged by their own actions and their performance measured against their own standards."

Benzen said that O'Toole campaigned on delivering more seats in the GTA, "Mr. O'Toole campaigned on being a Leader who could deliver more seats in the Greater Toronto Area, and yet the Conservatives have, on net, lost a seat in the GTA under his leadership."

The Calgary Heritage MP didn't hold back in his dress down of the Durham MP, "Mr. O'Toole

has claimed the results made our caucus more "regionally diverse", but this came at the expense of losing seven seats in Western Canada, and an overall loss of two seats nationally.

"(He) campaigned in the leadership contest as a principled conservative voice that would unite the party. However, since Mr. O'Toole assumed the position of Leader, there have been numerous instances of flip-flops and questionable judgement on Mr. O'Toole's part," Benzen said in the statement.

Items that Benzen outlines as areas where the conservative leader flipped on was carbon taxes, pressuring of MPs to support the entire platform, flip-floping on the May 2020 Firearms Order in Council, and his failure to stand up against Bill 96 in Quebec.

Since the election, the party has given O'Toole ample time for course correction, Benzen said. Adding, "I feel that the Conservative caucus has given Mr. O'Toole more than enough chances for a course correction to resolve the concerns of many of the grassroots members of our party."

He added that if the review doesn't happen the Conservative party as it is today may split and may not be repairable.


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