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Four candidates in the running for Athabasca By-Election

Four candidates are in the running to be the next Saskatchewan MLA for the riding of Athabasca.

Clint Arnason — Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan (BPSK), Georgina Jolibois — New Democratic Party (N.D.P.), Jim Lemaigre — Saskatchewan Party, and Darwin Roy — Independent are the four candidates on the February 15th ballot.

This leaves the Green Party of Saskatchewan, the Progressive Conservatives Party of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Liberals without a candidate.

The Greens ran a candidate in the 2020 Saskatchewan Election, while the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan did not.

The riding of Athabasca has been without a MLA since former MLA Buckley Belanger resigned as MLA to run for the Federal Liberals in the 2021 federal election.

Advance voting gets underway from February 9 to February 13, Noon to 8 p.m each day.


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