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Gallant goes out of the world in new role at Space Canada

Former Premier of New Brunswick Brian Gallant has been announced as the new CEO of Space Canada.

Gallant who served as Premier from 2014 to 2018 said in video statement, after the announcement was made, that it was an honour to lead space Canada as CEO, "to work with some of the most visionary and innovative leaders in the global space sector."

Gallant said that working in a expanding and important sector is very exciting, "As launching into space becomes more accessible there is a global race to lead the new space economy."

He that space innovation can help on earth as well,"We can more effectively tackle global challenges from climate change to inequalities, all while creating the jobs of the future right here in Canada."

Space Canada is made up of organizations that employ thousands of Canadians from Coast to Coast to Coast. And according to Space Canada the global race in space is adding $2.5-Billion to Canada's economy.

The new CEO said Space Canada will help tackle the challenges that face Canada and the World, "Climate change is the greatest challenge facing our generation, and it's only thought space that we can observe and monitor twenty-six of the essential climate variables identified by the World Meteorological Organization.

"Space can help close the digital divide by providing high speed connectivity in remote, rural, and indigenous communities," Gallant added.

9 organizations currently make up Space Canada, Calian, GHGSAT, Magellan Aerospace, Maritime Launch, MDA, Mission Control, Northstar Earth & Space, Spacebridge, and Telesat.

Gallant asked other organization to come on board with this new venture, "If you are a space innovator, in Canada, and you share our mission you're invited to join us.


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