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Green Party calls on Government to reinstate pandemic relief

Green Party interim Leader Amita Kuttner called on the Trudeau Government to reinstate pandemic relief for small businesses and individuals as the rise and spread of the Omicron variant continues to cause headaches for businesses and organizations across Canada.

Kuttner said in a news release that the government much act immediately to restore sweeping supports, "The latest wave comes at a time when many businesses, especially those in the tourism and hospitality sectors, were hoping to make up for the pandemic-related losses from earlier in the year."

CRB was replaced by the new Canada Workers Lockdown Benefit (CWLB) weeks after the federal election.

The New CWLB provides financial support to individuals losing their jobs resulting from lockdowns.

Kuttner and the Green Party of Canada say that the reinstated pandemic relief should be in place until all pandemic restrictions are lifted.


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