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Greens begin cross-province tour to shore up support ahead of election

All aboard! First, stop Calgary!

The Green Party of Alberta began its cross-province tour talking to Albertans and searching for candidates for the upcoming 2023 provincial election, in Calgary Saturday afternoon.

Green Party Leader Jordan Wilkie, along side Deputy Leader Brandy Kinkead, Green Party of Alberta President Evelyn Tanaka, and Green Party Strategic Advisor Najib Jutt spoke at the Calgary Library to party members, and undecided voters.

Wilkie told the crowd that people are turning to the Green Party of Alberta due to the fact the party is talking about issues that are important to Albertans, "The mainstream parties are talking about issues that are in their wheelhouse which is constantly battling to get power back, which (Albertans) are sick and tired of.

"I'm not worried about the other (parties), I'm worried about my community and how I can stand up as the Green Party and give (Albertans) another option," Wilkie stated.

Wilkie outlined key areas that the party will be addressing during the next year leading up to the provincial election.

"We need to establish that the Green Party is for strong robust healthcare, we are a for strong educational systems also," He stated. "(The Green Party of Alberta) wants to fund our public schools properly, and we want to ensure that our kids are getting a curriculum that is best set to address the needs children have in today's world."

With just over a year until the next election, Wilkie previously announced earlier this year that he would be running in the riding of Banff-Kanasakis. During the event, Deputy Leader Kinkead stated that she is looking to run in the riding of Calgary-Edgemont.

The province-wide tour is set up to meet with locals but also begin the candidate selection process for the 87 ridings in Alberta.

Tanaka stated that the selection process has been open and this year the vetting process will be more in-depth than in elections past.

Wilkie, Tanaka, Kinkead, and Jutt will be heading to Canmore Sunday for an event where they will be meeting with residents.

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