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Hillier announces retirement from politics

In an announcement that is said to bring much sorrow to some, and glee to other, Independent Member of the Provincial Parliament Randy Hillier announced that he is retiring from politics after 15 years at Queens Park.

"I've come to the conclusion that there is not a political solution to what ails our society, the division, the polarization, the animus, the censorship, the suppression of views, there will not be fixed politically.

"On June 2nd, I will not be contesting for the seat of Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston," Hillier announced in a video posted to social media.

"Our political system is broken, and there is no sense spending any more time trying to fix a broken system from within," He added.

"If anyone looks at the state of Canadian Society Today, the state of political discourse and debate in Canada they will recognize that there is a level of vitriol, a level of animus invective that is present today... to a degree we've never before seen," Hiller said in the twenty minute video posted to odysee.

"I've been condemned by a number of municipal councils in my area," Hiller added. He represents the riding of Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston. "Condemned because I dared have a different view, a contrary view, a view that the virus did not require us to trample our Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

Hillier has a strong advocate against mandates and restrictions that were announced by both Premier Doug Ford, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"Because I had a dissenting view and was willing to share it and be public and to be vocal about this it wasn't just municipal council that condemned me, It was not just the media parrots who condemned me, but also the Ontario Legislature has condemned me now on two occasions," Hiller stated.

Earlier this week the Ontario Legislature asked the Speaker to not call on Hillier in the Legislature until he publicly apologized for comments he made about other parliamentarians, including those at Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

"The speaker has been authorized not to recognize me, not to permit me to table motions or orders paper questions. The house has authorized the speaker to prevent me from asking questions, or attending committees," He said.

After 15 years, being first elected in 2007, Hiller said that it's been a rollercoaster,"I've had the great pleasure of assisting of many people, assisting and helping out and speaking out for those who are facing the injustice of government has been an absolutely rewarding time.

"However with public life, with partisan politics, also comes the negative, and that is the actual partisan politics. Where political parties and members of political parties do not make choices and decisions that are based on what is beneficial to the population," Hillier added.

"The only way we can get back to a free and prosperous country, a country that does have a representative democracy, a country that does respect the rule of law, human rights, our civil liberties, our Charter of Right and Freedoms, is if we re-engage with people and help shape public opinion," The MPP stated.

"I'll continue to be outspoken, and I'll continue to be a voice for freedom," he added.



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