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Huntington Awareness Week Ep. 3 Heather Dodds

Welcome to the 3rd episode of the Cross Border Interviews: Huntington’s Awareness Week

I’m Christopher Brown the Host of the show and today we chat with Heather Dodds.

Heather is the President of the Southern Alberta Chapter of the Huntington Society of Canada. We talk about her father who was diagnosed with Huntington 7 years ago, how a Huntington Society Conference in Halifax changed need to give back to the community, and we also talk about how the Southern Alberta Chapter helps families who have had their life changed because of Huntington.

To be upfront, I was unsure about if Heather would want to talk about her feelings desire to get tested after her father found out, and it wasn’t until after the interview was completed did she told me she was surprised that I hadn’t asked her about it. I asked if her she was willing to chat and she was happy to oblige.

So during this episode you will hear that post interview spliced in with the full show.

Please enjoy Cross Border Interviews Huntington’s Awareness Week Ft. Heather Dodds.

For more information about the Huntington Society of Canada Please Visit

For information on the Southern Alberta Chapter of the Huntington Society of Canada Visit or email

And to register for the Souther Alberta Chapter's 12th Annual Hope for a Cure Virtual Run and Walk head to

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