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I Choose You! Calgary Expo!

Photo from @Calgaryexpo Twitter

The Unova Region, Kalos Region, Aloa Region, Galar Region, and now Calgary!

Sarah Natochenny the voice behind Ash Ketchum in the popular anime series "Pokémon." was a hit for all ages at this year's Calgary Expo.

During the four day event, Natochenny who has never been to the city before, enthusiastically stated, "I love it!" Continuing, "(Calgary)'s so much fun. Everybody's been so sweet. And the city itself is gorgeous."

Natochenny has lent her voice to a wide variety of animated TV shows, video games, and films, showcasing her versatility as a performer.

When asked how it felt to have left a mark on the world with her work Natochenny said, "To know that the work that I do affects people of all of those different backgrounds is actually the most special thing about the work I'm doing." She later added, "I cannot believe that I got this lucky."

With the end of her character's Pokemon journey on the silver screen, Natochenny with a cheeky grin stated, "Well, hopefully, it's not the very, very end."

She went on to say that the end of her time playing the iconic Pokemon Character left her with mixed emotions, "I've accepted it as inevitable change as we all do. But I do have hope that he will come back in some form, even if it's not with me, and that's okay.

"(Ash)'s been the staple in people's childhoods and people want to share him with their kids and their siblings."

She confessed that leaving that journey and the character behind has made her emotional.

But knowing that the character of Ash Ketchum made an impact on people from across the globe has been a blessing, "I and I'm so honoured to take on that responsibility, because kids do come up to me and, and they are fans of this tenacious character, this kind, tenacious, lovable character, and I want to embody that when I meet them.

So I'm always trying to encourage kids to be the very best and do their best work and you know, aspire to be something great even if they're not good at it."

As for the next chapter in her life, Natochenny says that she's under lock and key on some upcoming projects, but does say one project she is working on is close to home for her, "I'm writing my own film about a voice actor who lost her job after 20 years."

Catch our entire interview with Sarah Natochenny on Wednesday, May 3rd, along with all of our other great interviews from the Calgary Expo.


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