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Independent MPP Roman Baber to announce his bid for CPC Leadership

Roman Baber the Independent Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) is in.

On the backdrop of 'Change is Coming' the Ontario MPP made his speech to a conference

room in Ontario. "I'm proud to announce that I intend to seek the leadership of the Conservative party of Canada," Baber proclaimed.

Baber becomes the third official candidate to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party, after MP Pierre Poiliever and MP Leslyn Lewis.

"It's time to turn a page and unite this country," Baber said in his first campaign speech. "I'm not going to sit back as Canadians lose faith in government."

"You will always know where I stand, and I will always do what I believe is right," the independent MPP stated. Baber was a member of Doug Ford's Ontario Progressive Conservatives until January of 2021 when he was removed from caucus over his opposition to the province's lockdown and restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ontario.

"I will stand up for anyone who makes a different medical decision," he stated. "Because we should not make anyone do anything against their will."

Baber set his sites on the current Prime Minister during his 10-minute speech, "Shame on Justin Trudeau for discriminating against Canadians." He added that if elected he would not have any passports, mandates, or QR codes.

In an olive branch to Alberta, Baber said that he supports the oil and gas sector, "I would not let oil and gas be cancelled."

Bringing Canadians back to the party will be a top priority for Baber, "We need to make sure that everyone feels welcome in the Conservative Party of Canada.

"We need to respect differences of opinion in the Conservative Party. We need to welcome back dissolution Canadians who left because their party didn't stand up for them against lockdowns and passports," he added.

"We need to offer them a vision they can believe in," Baber stated. "We need to reach out to people in urban centres." Baber is a Member of the Provincial Parliament for the riding of York-Centre.

"We are going to disrupt how politics is done," Baber said to a cheering crowd.


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