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"K" is for Keeping Municipalities Safe

Municipal governments are comprised of local elected officials and encompass a range of administrative bodies, including cities, towns, villages, and municipal districts.

Join us in the Political Trenches: Local Government at Work as we examine the most pressing issues confronting municipal governments throughout Canada. I along with my co-hostIan McCormack, President of Strategic Step Inc., will provide insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that confront local governments as they strive to serve their communities.

Today we bring you the letter ‘K’ which stands for Keeping Municipalities Safe. Later in the episode we will speak with an Ontario MPP who introduced a piece of legislation to hold local elected leaders accountable for their actions.

We will also talk about Council’s Code of Conducts, A petition in a small town BC municipality that was sparked due to council members approving a 30 percent pay increase for themselves, and Ontario Largest Municipality without any legal cannabis retail stores is reconsidering it’s prohibition on them.


Stories We Talked About This Episode:

The vast majority of municipalities in Newfoundland and Labrador now have a code of conduct established.

Harrison Hot Springs councillors have been formally asked to resign.

Ontario’s largest municipality without any legal cannabis retail stores is reconsidering its prohibition on them.


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