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Kenney Brings His Message to the UCP in AGM Speech

"Alberta is Back, Alberta is Rising, Alberta is on a Roll," Jason Kenney proclaimed at this weekend Annual General Meeting of the United Conservative Party in Calgary.

The speech aimed directly at the members of the party was filled with lots of red meat for the party faithful to chew on over the weekends party get together at the Grey Eagle Casino in Calgary.

"Promises Made, Promises Kept," Kenney said when listing the items his party has accomplished over the last 2 and a half years since winning office in 2019.

Kenney made pitches to his base on the on the new curriculum, the proposed Alberta Provincial Police Force, and the energy industry.

In a direct appeal to United Stated President Joe Biden, Kenney looking directly into the camera said, "President Biden we albertans have a message for you, if you do not have enough oil, we are happy to help out. Approve the Keystone XL pipeline."

Biden announced through a presidential order that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that his predecessor President Donald Trump approved would be cancelled under his administration.

According to Kenney that the Keystone XL pipeline would have delivered 840,000 barrels of oil produced at the worlds highest environmental, human rights and labour standards.

"But today, the United States is importing 840,000 barrels of dirty conflict oil from Putin's Russia" Kenney added.

The biggest cloud hanging over Kenney this weekend was a potential leadership review by party members.

In his speech to party faithful he spoke directly to those wishing for a leadership review sooner rather than later, "We all know that there will be a leadership review vote next spring, and I want you to know I welcome that, I embrace that accountability.

"I have tried since the unite Alberta movement, to offer my own background in servant leadership," Kenned added.

He went on to say its up to the members of the party in which direction they want to take the party from here, "Whether you want leadership renewal, is your decision."

Kenney asked the members for one thing before leaving the AGM this weekend, "Between now and (next spring), let us focus our efforts and our attentions on the peoples business."

Adding that all 'Big Tent' parties have their own political differences.

Kenney has been under harsh criticism from members of his caucus, and riding associations over the last few weeks over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The public wants to see the government not focused on internal party differences but on the publics priorities," Kenney added.

Looking past a potential leadership review, Kenney said that the people of Alberta will look favourably at the UCP and their time in office, "I believe at the next election that if we continue the momentum that we have in this province, Albertans will look at the strongest economic record in the federation, The strongest economic growth in Alberta in over a decade.

"(Albertans) will look at incredible job creation and new investments. They will see a government that has kept its commitments," Kenney added.

I believe at the next election that if we continue the momentum that we have in this province," Kenney said. "They will see a government that has kept their promises"

The United Conservative Party Annual General Meeting runs until Sunday.


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