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Kevin Falcon Wins BC Liberal Leadership Race on 5th Ballot

The former deputy premier of British Columbia Kevin Falcon was named the new BC Liberal leader after 5 rounds of voting at yesterdays leadership election.

Falcon who went into leadership election with more caucus support than his other competitors ended the day with 52% of the votes cast.

"I'm humbled by the strength of support I've received tonight,'' said Falcon, standing on the victory stage with his wife and two daughters. "We have alot of work to do," he added.

Falcon retired from politics in 2013 after 12 years in office. He served in both Gordon Campbells Cabinet, as Minister of Health Services and MInister of Infrastructure and Minister of State for Deregulations, and Premier Christy Clark's cabinet as MInister of Finance and Deputy Premier.

In 2011, upon Premier Gordon Campbells retirement Falcon entered into the race to replace him, He placed second behind eventual winner Christy Clark.

Legislature member Ellis Ross finished second with almost 34 per cent of the vote and Michael Lee was third, with about 14 per cent. Val Litwin, Gavin Dew, Renee Merrifield and Stan Sipos were dropped from the field after four ballots.

Litwin had previously threatened to leave the BC Liberals if Falcon won. In an interview with BIV News Litwin stated, "I dont take away his experience and his role and his capabilities he's been there and done that, I get it.

"But what I do take issue with is the experience that worked in the old winning formula for the BC Liberal Party, wont work moving forward," Litwin added.

During the scrum after Kevin was announced as the winner of the leadership Falcon spoke about bringing the party together after the leadership, "I think that’s one of the strongest mandates I can ever recall in a leadership race,” he said. “It’s unfortunate if Val doesn’t feel that way. I hope I can convince him.”

According to party insiders the party gained more than 20,000 members during the leadership process, bringing its total membership to about 43,000.


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