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Kinew Meets with Municipal Leaders to discuss path forward

Brandon Mayor Jeff Fawcett and Premier-Designate Wab Kinew (Photo Jeff Fawcett Linkedin)

Manitoba's Premier-Designate Wab Kinew, on Tuesday held a series of meetings with key municipal officials, including the Association of Manitoba Municipalities President, Kam Blight, Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham, and Brandon Mayor Jeff Fawcett.

During his meeting with Blight, according to a provincial media release Kinew highlighted the significance of essential investments, "I was pleased to speak with Mr. Blight about the importance of health care and infrastructure investments, solutions for rural crime, and ensuring rural voices are heard at the table."

Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham and Kinew (Photo Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham Facebook)

In a separate meeting, Kinew sat down with Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham and used the opportunity to strengthen their working relationship. Kinew noted in a press release, "Mayor Gillingham and I further strengthened the positive working relationship between the Manitoba government and the City of Winnipeg and re-affirmed our commitment to working cooperatively for the benefit of Winnipeggers and all Manitobans. Our discussions today focused on strategic action to end chronic homelessness and crack down on drug trafficking."

Mayor Gillingham echoed the sentiment, sharing his thoughts on social media, stating, "I’m really encouraged the new Premier and I are on the same page on several important issues, most notably the urgency in addressing homelessness. We share a vision for a coordinated 'one plan' model that is inspired by the City of Houston, and includes a housing-first approach with relevant support services.

"We made a commitment to meet regularly and work as a team to take on the challenges and opportunities that Winnipeg faces. I look forward to many more discussions in the years ahead," Gillingham added.

According to the press release the conversation between the incoming premier and the City of Brandon Mayor revolved around the pivotal role that Brandon and the Westman region play in Manitoba's economy. Both leaders expressed their unwavering commitment to support the agricultural sector and to address the pressing issues of chronic homelessness and drug trafficking in the region.

Mayor Fawcett took to LinkedIn to share his perspective saying, "We had important discussions around infrastructure, health care, agriculture, BU/ACC, and ongoing municipal investment.

"Westman has a strong economic future, and we look forward to building on that to the benefit of all Manitobans," Fawcett added.

As Kinew prepares to take the reins as Manitoba's Premier, these discussions with municipal leaders signal a promising start for the new administration, committed to working tirelessly for the benefit of all Manitobans, regardless of where they call home.


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