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LIVE RECORDING: The Chiefs Part IV: The Governance Nexus

Welcome to a semi-in-person live recording of Municipal Affairs with Chris Brown.

Our show is dedicated to speaking with municipal stakeholders from across Canada about the issues affecting Municipalities of all sizes.

Firstly I want to apologize for not being with you in person today. I appreciated the team at the MMA for working behind the scenes to ensure we were still able to participate virtually with you at this years 2024 Leadership Summit.

We are grateful to partner with MMA to continue our journey of diving into the Role Of the Chief Administrative Office. This is episode four in our series dedicated to the CAO.

Now, In the vast landscape of municipal governance, where decisions ripple through communities and shape the lives of citizens, the quality of the relationship between council members and administrators stands as an indispensable cornerstone of success.

Our mission over the next hour is to dissect the complexities of contemporary politics and administration within municipalities, exploring the paths by which administrators can effectively lead amidst the shifting tides of political landscapes.

As we gather the overarching question is clear: In today’s political climate, how and where should municipal administrators lead?

Guiding our exploration are seasoned panellists, each bringing a wealth of experience and insight honed through years of service within the municipal sphere.

This session will be broken up into 4 segments, but before we start, I want to give each of our panelists a quick moment to introduce themselves and if possible tell us how long they have been in their current position.

Ron Bowles, City Manager for the City of Brandon

Nicole Chychota, CAO for the RM of Dauphin and Vice President of the MMA

Mike Jack, the CAO for the City of Winnipeg

Heather Ewasiuk, Chair of the new MMA Member Standards Committee and a Past President of the MMA

This is Municipal Affairs.



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Municipal Affairs is Part of The Cross Border Network.

This episode is in partnership with "Manitoba Municipal Administrator Association"



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