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Lakeland Ridges Mayor Announces Resignation, Vows to Continue Serving Community

Mayor Tanya Cloutier of Lakeland Ridges (Facebook Photo)

Mayor Tanya Cloutier of Lakeland Ridges (New Brunswick) announced her resignation last week, marking the end of her tenure as the leader of the new formed municipality.

The announcement came in the form of a heartfelt social media post on Facebook, where Mayor Cloutier expressed gratitude and a commitment to continue serving the community despite stepping down from her mayoral role, "I can't wait to be back in position where I represent you and I will do with the best of my ability!"

Lakeland Ridges, had been under investigation in recent months - even with the province stepping in to put the newly formed municipality under administrative control. The nature of the investigation remains undisclosed, and the details surrounding her departure are still emerging. However, in her Facebook post, the outgoing mayor addressed the investigation and assured the community that she would provide a comprehensive response.

"My vision as a leader has always been building community unity and fostering connections with a shared purpose," Mayor Cloutier wrote in her post. "I lead for ALL the people of our Municipality and have always wanted to help anyone I could!"

She highlighted her commitment to inclusivity, open communication, and collaboration to address concerns within the community. Mayor Cloutier also emphasized her dedication to celebrating diversity, encouraging volunteering, and working towards common goals for the greater good.

The now-former mayor revealed that she was on multiple committees and boards, bringing a voice from Lakeland Ridges to the table and exploring potential opportunities for the community. She expressed optimism about the future of the municipality, stating, "I still believe Lakeland Ridges is the most beautiful spot in New Brunswick, and I know we can make it even better!"


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