Lights of Broadway: Titanique!

Titanique: Une Parodie Musicale

Synopsis: Want to find out what really happened to Jack and Rose on that fateful night? Our story begins when Céline Dion hijacks a Titanic Museum tour and enchants the audience with her totally wild take, recharting the course of Titanic’s beloved moments and characters with her iconic song catalog.


Imagine, you’re visiting a museum for remembering the tragedy of the Titanic and a woman covered in trash arrives telling you the story was wrong only to when approached whip off her trash cloak to reveal she’s Celine Dion in a floor length sparkly gown. This was the first 5 minutes of Titanique, a deranged comedic retelling of the 1992 movie which, according to Celine Dion, was a factual tale as Celine Dion was there on the ship.

As Celine Dion, portrayed by Marla Mindelle, opens the show, she introduces us to the ensemble cast and members of the ship: Victor Garber the ship captain/Luigi from Mario portrayed by Fr