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Madu back in with Labour , Shandro moves to AG in Mini Cabinet Shuffle

Edmonton's lone UCP MLA is back in Cabinet with a portfolio after stepping back from early this year after news of a phone call between him and Edmontons Chief of Police came to light.

Kaycee Madu, the former Minsiter of Justice and Solicitor General remained in cabinet over the last month but was demoted to minsiter without a portfolio.

Madu had to step back after receiving a $300 distracted driving ticket in Edmonton in early 2021. After receiving the ticket Madu phone the Edmonton Police Chief to talk about the ticket. Madu, and the police chief both have said on record that at no time did the minister as for the ticket to be overturned.

Since early January, Minsiter of Energy Sonya Savage held the position of Attorney General and Solicitor General.

Today in a press release Premier Jason Kenney said that he was welcoming back the Edmonton MLA to cabinet with a portfolio. The Edmonton South West MLA will be the new Minsiter of Labour and Immigration.

“I would like to thank Minister Madu for his critical work in addressing racism in Alberta’s justice system and for ending police carding in Alberta. I know that he will continue to be a strong advocate for equality of opportunity," Kenney said in a press statement.

Tyler Shandro the former Minsiter of Labour and Immigration will take over Madu's old portfolio as Minsiter of Justice and Solicitor General.

"I would like to thank Minister Shandro as well for his work in establishing the Premier’s Summit for Newcomers and for his work in fighting for fairness for newcomers," Kenney added in the press release.

This is the third portfolio Shandro has held in less than a year. He was Minister of Health before he was moved to Labour and Immigration.

Sonya Savage will continue on as Minister of Energy.


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