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Manitoba's Path to Progressing Together laid out in Provincial Speech from the Throne

When Canadians were tuned into the Upper Chamber as Governor General Mary Simon was delivering her first Speech from the Throne, Manitoba was doing the same task one province away.

Manitoba's Premier Heather Stefanson government unveiled her governments agenda, ‘Path to Progressing Together’, which focuses on working together to build a stronger, healthier and more inclusive province.

Delivered by the Lt.-Gov. Janice C. Filmon at the opening of the fourth session of the 42nd legislature, the Manitoba speech from the throne set out the new premier’s vision for a strong economic and social recovery, with a focus on the health and well-being of all Manitobans.

"We are committed to working side by side with all Manitobans in the spirit of collaboration, co-operation and reconciliation,” said the premier stated.

"As we continue to address the challenges posed by COVID-19, we are also focused on creating a stronger, more sustainable health-care system, providing greater supports for families, seniors and vulnerable Manitobans, improving education and training opportunities, and laying the ground work to foster investment, job creation and economic growth," she added.

With COVID-19 still being address and tackled, the speech from the throne laid out a new nursing strategy, "The nursing shortage and increases training spaces with a goal of 400 additional nursing seats. While international recruitments help fill the gap, we cannot rely on that practice alone.

"Manitoba must have the capacity to fill the demand for nurses and retain them going forward. More nurses will be trained, developing their skills by working in institutions as part of their curriculum," Filmon said during the speech.

As long term care facilities have come under review across the country, the speech from the throne acknowledged more work had to be completed, The pandemic exposed gaps in our long-term care system here and across Canada, and drew our focus to seniors who were not receiving the dignified care they deserve.

We put our long-term care under the microscope and acted, stabilizing the pandemic. We adopted a one resident per room policy for all new facilities and are committed to implementing every recommendation of the Stevenson Review."

While the agenda is made with targeted investment, the speech laid out key areas that the Stefanson government including health care, infrastructure and the economy.

"The vision that drives our economic activities and investments in our province is to ensure a prosperous, inclusive, and safe future for all Manitobans," Filmon stated.

In the first time in Manitoba history, the top three jobs are filled by women. The Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Manitoba, the Premier of the Province of Manitoba, and the Speaker of the Legislature of the Province of Manitoba.


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