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Mavericks Set to Elect First Permanent Leader in 2022

The West's Federal Party the Maverick Party announced that the party would be going through a leadership race to select its first permanent leader in May of 2022.

Found in January 2020 the Maverick Party has been lead by Interim Leader Jay Hill since it was born.

Interim leader Jay Hill in a Youtube video posted Monday Morning said that he was thrilled

the process has begun to select a new leader, and hes worked hard since being named interim leader to make the west only federal political party viable, " I job as interim leader has been primarily to make use of the personal experience, I've been privileged to gain during my political journey.

"My job has been to build credibility for our party. In this world of instant gottca communications and 24/7 communications, one mistake could spell disaster for a new party."

Hill went on to say that his job, as interim leader, has been mostly accomplished, " It's time for the party to continue it's growth by selecting a new leader. A leader representing the next generation, younger, smarter, more articulate."

He added that the next leader must be committed to the long haul, "They must be committed to leading a group of Mavericks to Ottawa.

"A leader that will take what we built, and communicate our dream to building a better, fairer, and more prosperous west in a way that can reach the millions of westerns that we need to support the Mavericks," Hill added.

The Mavericks will commence the leadership race in the new year in 2022, and will elect their first leader on May 14th of the same year.

So far one candidate has publicly expressed interest in the permanent position.

Former Maverick candidate for Banff Airdrie Tariq Elnaga announced on Twitter that he was seriously considering the position.

Elnaga stated via Twitter, "I truly believe that the West needs its own voice in Ottawa, and that the West needs its own autonomy.

"I’ll be consulting with family, friends, my fellow candidates, local EDA board, party members and campaign team, but I’m definitely interested."

As in the past, We will be reaching out to all candidates who publicly announce their intentions to seek the permanent leadership.


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