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MPP Rod Phillips announced his departure from Ontario politics

Doug Ford will be looking for another candidate for this June's provincial election in Ontario.

Rod Phillips the former Minsiter of Finance, and Member of Provincial Parliament for Ajax, has announced that he will resign his seat at the end of February and not stand for election, "I have spoken with Premier Ford and with Brian Patterson, President of the Ontario PC Party to inform them of my decision not to seek re-election and to step down next month as the MPP for Ajax.

"This will allow the Premier to appoint a successor to continue the important work of the Ministry of Long-Term Care. It also ensures that the PC Party has the time needed to nominate a candidate in Ajax and prepare for the Provincial election," Phillips added.

Phillips becomes another in a line of Progressive Conservative MPP's who have in recent weeks announced their intentions to stand down before the upcoming election.

Not wanting to leave the impression that his departure is a sign of trouble within the PC ranks, Phillips stated, "I remain confident Ontarians will re-elect his government in the upcoming election.

"I want to recognize the strong leadership of Premier Ford. Through what is undoubtedly the greatest challenge of our lifetimes, the global Covid-19 pandemic, he has always put first what is best for the people of Ontario," he said.

Philips was first election in 2018, and has held numerous cabinet portfolios in the form government including Minister of Environment, Conservation, and Parks, Minister of Finance and more recently Minister of Long-Term Care.

Phillips caused national outrage in the winter of 2020 when he took a vacation to St. Barts at the height of the pandemic when international travels were frowned upon, and the Canadian government asked all Canadians to avoid international travel over the winter break.

Upon his return to Canada on December 31st, he resigned as Minsiter of Finance.

The next Ontario provincial election is scheduled for June 2022.


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