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Municipal Affairs For September 25th, 2023

Welcome to "Municipal Affairs," the show dedicated to delving deep into the matters that shape municipalities across Canada. We're excited to bring you insightful stories, engaging discussions, and exclusive interviews with municipal leaders from coast to coast to coast.

Today on the show, we recap the news from last week's Union of British Columbia Municipalities Conference in Vancouver. Then we turn to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities who released their thoughts on the Manitoba Provincial Election and the party leaders pledges to municipalities as part of the AMM's "Let's Grow Manitoba Together Campaign!".

We will then be sitting with two councillors from Brooks Alberta who put forward a motion at this week's Alberta Municipalities regarding leaving partisanship politics out of municipal campaigns in the province. We will also provide highlights of some of the board of directors elections that will be taking place on Friday at the Alberta Municipalities Trade and Conference Show.

And finally, the Town of Coaldale announced that they will be hosting the 2024 Southern Alberta Summer Games in July, We chat with Coaldale Director of Recreation and Community Services Russ Tanner about the bid and what it means for the community.

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