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Municipal Affairs: "Housing is a Priority"

Welcome to "Municipal Affairs," the show dedicated to delving deep into the matters that shape municipalities across Canada.

Today, we delve into a matter of profound significance, one that touches the hearts and homes of many Albertans – the housing challenges faced by our seniors and communities across the province.

For over half a century, the Alberta Seniors & Community Housing Association, or ASCHA, has been a steadfast advocate, working tirelessly on behalf of its members who are the backbone of diverse housing options available to Albertans. Today, we are honored to shine a spotlight on the crucial role this organization plays in addressing the housing needs of our seniors and and many Albertans.

Alberta Seniors & Community Housing Association is a member-driven association, that stands as a beacon of excellence in education, best practices, and resource provision. With a mission to empower housing providers to offer the very best support, ASCHA has emerged as a vital force, representing approximately 75% of the seniors housing sector in Alberta.

But the story doesn’t end there. ASCHA is actively engaged in broadening its scope to better represent the needs of the province’s community housing organizations, ensuring a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to housing advocacy.

In the realm of seniors housing, ASCHA’s members serve over 40,000 seniors throughout the province, delivering care in independent, supportive, and designated supportive living spaces. This association proudly champions all sectors of seniors housing, from public to private and voluntary providers.

And when it comes to community housing, ASCHA's influence extends even further, supporting over 20,000 households through public and non-profit options. It's a multifaceted effort, reflecting a commitment to housing solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of needs.

But this is not a solo endeavor. ASCHA extends its reach by actively engaging associates and stakeholders, creating a collaborative ecosystem where their contributions enhance the very fabric of housing through innovative products and services.

Today, in this special episode, we sit down with Alberta Seniors & Community Housing Association Executive Director Irene Martin-Lindsay to unravel the intricacies of ASCHA's journey, exploring its roles, challenges, and most importantly, how it continues to enrich the lives of countless Albertans through a steadfast dedication to providing the very best housing experiences.

This is Municipal Affairs.

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