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Municipal Affairs: Municipalities in the Kinew Era

Welcome to 'Municipal Affairs.' I'm your host, Chris Brown,

Today we bring you an exclusive one-on-one interview with the President of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, Kam Blight, as we discuss the seismic shift in Manitoba politics following the 2023 Provincial Election.

In a historic turn of events, Wab Kinew and the Manitoba NDP have brought an end to seven years of Progressive Conservative rule in the keystone province. Kinew's party secured a decisive victory, claiming 34 of the 57 seats in the legislature, while Heather Stephenson and the Manitoba PCs were reduced to 22 seats. The Manitoba Liberals, once a formidable presence, now hold just one seat in the provincial assembly."

But what truly sets this election apart is the commitment made by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, led by President Kam Blight. Under the banner of 'Let's Grow Manitoba, Together!' the AMM campaigned vigorously to make Manitoba's municipal issues a top priority in this election.

So we sat down with President Blight to discuss the aftermath of this historic election. We'll explore his expectations for the incoming Premier, Wab Kinew, and his government.

Also, With a noticeable Rural-Urban divide in the province, we'll also examine what this shift in power means for municipalities like his own, the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie."

Stay with us as we go behind the scenes of this political upheaval and its implications for Manitoba's Municipalities.

This is "The Municipal Affairs".

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