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O'Toole Out

Julius Caesar had a better exit than Erin O'Toole did.

In a secret vote, Erin O'Toole's time as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada has come to an end. Ending one of the most turbulent years the party has seen since its formation in 2004.

O'Toole's leadership came under heavy attack after his party failed to pick up seats and defeat the liberals in the 2021 general election.

According to news outlets, 73 MP's voted to cut ties with the Durham MP while 45 voted to keep him as their leader.

The party will go on to elect an interim leader of the party at 7:00 PM tonight.

One MP already posted his intentions to run for the interim position, MP for New Brunswick South West John Williamson.

A leadership race will need to be called later this year as well.


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