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Podcast on Podcast: The MuniciPALS

Welcome to Municipal Affairs, I'm your host Christopher Brown.

Today, we have a special focus on a podcast dedicated to the Toronto Municipal political scene— The MuniciPALS.

The MuniciPALS is hosted by the dynamic duo of Matthew King, a seasoned podcaster and Host of This Time In History, and Philip Mills, a former Toronto Council candidate in 2021.

Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, offering insightful commentary on municipal affairs in Canada's largest city. Their podcast is certainly a resource for anyone interested in the intersection of local, provincial, and federal politics and how these layers of government impact Toronto.

In today's episode, we'll explore the current state of municipal politics in Toronto, take a closer look at Mayor Olivia Chow's first year in office, and discuss the significant challenges that lie ahead for the city.

Whether you're a Toronto resident or just passionate about urban governance, this episode promises to provide valuable perspectives and thought-provoking discussion.

This is Municipal Affairs.


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