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"R" is for Retirement

Municipal governments are comprised of local elected officials and encompass a range of administrative bodies, including cities, towns, villages, and municipal districts.

This is the Political Trenches: Local Government at Work, the show dedicated to talking about the most pressing issues confronting municipal governments throughout Canada.

I along with Ian McCormack, will provide insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that confront local governments as they strive to serve their communities.

We are continuing our journey through the Municipal Alphabet, and today we bring you the letter “R” for Retirement

Later in the episode, Ian and I will be joined by a former Mayor who hung his hat up after 8 years in the Municipal Arena.

But first, we will head to New Brunswick where two councillors were relieved of their committee duties due to a code of conduct complaint brought forward by the Mayor of the community, Then we will move to to Windsor, where we will discuss the city’s move to give priority booking to Windsor residents at City Facilities. And Finally, the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario has moved a new Policy around Frivolous and Vexatious Complaints.


Stories We Talked About This Episode:

Saint John mayor defends move to suspend two councillors for supporting strikers

Council approves priority booking for Windsor residents at city facilities

Greater Sudbury Council to Tackle Chronic Complainers with New Policy Initiative *************************************************** The DNA of Great Leaders: Key Attributes of the BEet Mayors and Board Chairs Purchase Today:


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