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"People are looking for something new": Sask. NDP leader resigns

After Tuesdays devastating loss to the Saskatchewan Party in the riding of Athabasca, Ryan Meili has announced that he is stepping down as leader of the party.

"I am announcing that I will no longer be serving a leader of the NDP once a new chosen," Meili stated.

In his press conference he said that he took 'a long walk in the snow' with his dog last night when he made his decision.

"This team of MLA's has work really hard for issues that matter to the people," He said. "I'm grateful for the support that I have received," Meili stated.

Meili was elected as leader in 2018, after two previous failed bids at the leadership. Once in 2009 then again in 2013. Meili won on his third attempt in 2018.

Under his leadership Meili failed to gain more seats in the 2020 provincial election.

"People are looking for something new," the leader said. He added that he will stay on as interim leader until a leader is chosen, and will remain as MLA for Saskatoon Meewasin.

Meili said that this was about the type of voice that the province needs, "I started looking at this after the by-election in Athabasca."

He has hopes that a new leader will be chosen sooner rather than later.


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