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Special "Bucking The Trend" Episode

Welcome to a special edition of “The Political Trenches: Local Government at Work”

Ian McCormack is away this week but joining me for this special episode is Ben Proulx, Strategic Steps Consultant and President of Catalyst Communications.

Today's episode we will be talking about an upcoming event hosted by Strategic Steps called “Bucking The Trend: Tackling Abuse in the Political Relam”

Abuse against municipal officials — elected and staff members — has risen dramatically over the past handful of years, and to date, everyone has been dealing with these issues on their own, and often on a case-by-case basis.

While we can’t eliminate all abuse of officials we can take steps to mitigate the impact of those instances.

On April 27th, and April 28th, Strategic Steps Inc. is hosting a symposium in Edmonton, Alberta focused on Bucking The Trend. Attendees will come away with the understanding of fostering a safe space for both administration and council.

Learn from industry leaders on how to deal with unsafe and abusive behaviour. How to build a supportive team that provides support, and you can walk away with tools and resources to help avoid abuse in local government.

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