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“The Conversation on Drought has brought Water to the forefront,” Okotoks Mayor

Welcome to Municipal Affairs, I'm your host Christopher Brown.

As the province braces for potentially severe drought conditions, collaborative efforts are underway to mitigate the impact on communities, the economy, and the environment.

In a move that the province is calling a landmark agreement, 38 prominent water licensees across southern Alberta have voluntarily come together to address the looming water crisis. Representing a significant portion of water allocation in key basins including the Red Deer River, the Bow River, and the Oldman River, these stakeholders have committed to reducing their water usage if drought conditions intensify in the coming months.

This new water sharing agreement marks a pivotal moment in Alberta's municipal affairs, aiming to ensure equitable access to water resources during times of scarcity. Through the concerted efforts of municipalities, industries, and irrigation districts, tangible steps are being taken to curb water consumption without compromising essential needs or critical operations.

Participating municipalities are poised to implement measures aimed at reducing water consumption by five to ten percent, leveraging practical strategies that prioritize efficiency without impeding essential services or indoor water use.

To gain deeper insights into the significance of the water challenges Alberta may face, and the roadmap ahead for municipalities, we have the privilege of speaking with Tanya Thorn, Mayor of the Town of Okotoks, who brings valuable perspectives as a member of the Province's Water Advisory Committee. Through our conversation, speak about the new water sharing agreements, the strategies municipalities can adopt to fulfill their commitments to reducing water use, and the collective resolve to navigate the challenges of water scarcity in Alberta.

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